‘I’m an 80-year-old grandmother but have no wrinkles thanks to my skincare routine’

Wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots are a natural part of ageing, but one woman has become “famous” online after revealing her skincare routine and diet for keeping her skin youthful.

Yuri Lee is a 36-year-old beauty expert from California who has received millions of views on TikTok account @yurileeeee after filming videos with her grandmother Toshiko Eto who has “flawless and glowy glass skin” despite being 80 years old.

According to Yuri, her grandmother Toshiko has never had Botox, filters or any other cosmetic surgery and her amazing good looks are simply down to caring for her skin and watching what she eats.

In Yurki’s comment section, her fans were amazed and begged Toshiko to reveal her skincare secrets.

One user said: “Grandma looks amazing! Her skin is incredible! Perfect glowing and simply beautiful” while another person said: “I cannot believe she’s 80… she looks about 20 or 30 years younger than her actual age.”

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What is Toshiko’s skincare routine? 

Yuri has revealed that her “famous 80-year-old grandma’s skincare routine” is using the Japanese skincare brand Manavis, and begins her day using the Manavis face mist.

She uses their Vitamin C serum and restore gel, which is a lightweight moisturiser, and then follows it up with the Manavis’ wrinkle gel, a cream which prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Toshiko then finishes her skincare routine by adding La Prairie foundation, which she said is “very light on the skin” and works as a natural skin barrier and sun cream.

In one video, Yuri said: “Every time I see her, her face is just glowing, no wrinkles, plump and then just beautiful” and joked that her grandmother must have no wrinkles because of the Manavis cream.

However, Toshiko replied that she thinks her good ageing could be attributed to the food she eats every day.

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What is Toshiko’s diet? 

After being asked by her fans, Yuri revealed the foods her grandmother Toshiko eats every day for “ageless skin” is miso soup, white rice, green tea, black teams, fish and tamagoyaki (which is a sweet Japanese omelette).

Yuri added that she believes Toshiko has achieved her “glowy ageless skin” by eating “tons of fermented food” and that her grandmother also loved eating picked plums and pickled ginger.

She also revealed that Toshiko’s “secret for beautiful skin” is eating natto, a Japanese dish which is made with fermented soybeans and is often eaten for breakfast.

Yuri said: “I always buy the organic natto from the Japanese market…it’s so good” and added that she prefers to eat natto with white rice, coconut liquid aminos, an egg and some seaweed as well.

She said: “My grandma has the nicest skin, like even [better] than mine or my mum and she eats natto every day. I’ve gotta start eating it every single day.”

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