How to wash white sheets and bedding so it’s ‘bright’ and ‘everything looks like new’

All-white bedding makes for a luxurious-looking room, as proven by most hotel accommodations. But while the bright, white pristine sheets look lovely for some time, when they’re in your home, it can be difficult to keep them super clean, especially if you have pets or kids running around.

Wanting to know how to keep their sheets white, a Reddit user took to the advice platform to see how other people keep their white sheets, comforters, and pillowcases glistening.

They wrote: “So I love the look of a bright, clean, airy bed and I already have some white bedding but I feel like it’s hard to keep clean, and aside from laundry stripping, I wanted to know if anyone had any tips for how to stay on top of keeping white sheets/bedding clean?”

Individuals who were already well accustomed to the life of having white bedding fled to the comments section and shared their way of maintaining white sheets.

One person said: “I have all white bedding and towels and I don’t have a problem keeping them bright/white. It may depend on what water you have in your area, your detergents/products, the fabric content of your sheets/towels.”

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The internet user, who has 100 percent cotton (or linen) sheets and 100 percent cotton towels, claims to wash bedding twice a week, and towels about twice a week, sometimes even more.

They revealed that they use common detergent, and not very much, explaining: “I use Tide Original (powder) and I use two tablespoons or less of detergent.”

They also add OxyClean or clear ammonia to their was on occasion, but not every time.

The laundry fanatic’s advice included soaking the load before washing it fully by pausing the cycle just after the machine has filled with water.

They went on: “I don’t personally use any other additives (fabric softener, scent beads, vinegar, borax, washing soda, baking soda etc). I will use different products for small marks/stains.

“If I notice a mark or stain, I pretreat and then wash in COLD water so that if it doesn’t come out completely, the warm or hot water doesn’t set the stain.”

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They continued: “I have some rentals (long and short term) and on the ones where I provide bedding, sometimes I do notice faint yellow stains on bedding or towels. I get them out by soaking overnight in OxyClean + Cold Water.”

Another Reddit user had a helpful solution when they commented: “I have white sheets and a white comforter and 3 dogs. Keeping it clean is hard – I wash weekly and use vinegar, laundry soap, and warm water. When I need to spot clean I’ve been using some oxy-clean spray that I’ve had for years. In the past, I’ve used oxy-clean powder for white, for the most part, I don’t use any harsh chemicals in my house and I prefer the natural route.

“I will also use the ‘soak’ option on my washer and have them soak for an hour or more if need to during the wash cycle. So far they’re still mostly white but I think it’s impossible to keep them super crispy bright white. Maybe I’ll learn some new tips.”

And someone else said: “Oxi Clean and Costco brand detergent. I have a house of pets and have chosen white as my textile color of choice. Sofa, chairs, sheets, blankets and towels. It’s so easy to just pull everything off and wash it, and everything looks like new. Plus I never worry about mixing and matching, it all goes together.

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