Astrologer shares April horoscope for all star signs

Mercury retrograde began in April and will influence cosmic energy until April 25, 2024 “all around the planet”.

“April is hugely significant,” said astrologer Yasmin Boland. “We have Mercury retrograde now, then the New Moon eclipse tomorrow.”

Astrologer Boland added: “On April 21, we have a once-every-14-years alignment between Jupiter, the planet of plenty, and the planet of change, Uranus – so big shifts are possible!”

For this, Boland recommended harnessing the powerful energy shift by thinking about where you would like to go in life and taking the steps needed to get there.

“Mercury retrograde can bring travel and communications issues,” Boland cautioned. “But don’t think of it as only difficult or annoying.”

Boland explained: “It’s also a time of second chances when you can redo, rethink, revisit, revise, revamp and repair.”

As for more personalised horoscopes during this time, Boland recommended finding out your Rising Sign for a more accurate prediction during April.

On a general note, however, Boland has some words of advice for all star signs during this time.


“Mercury is retrograde in your ‘me, me, me zone’ – it’s all about self and appearances,” said Boland.

“This invites you to rethink and revamp your personal look and how you present yourself to the world.”


“Mercury is retrograde in your ‘fear zone’,” added Boland. “Time to work through your old fears and reflect and reconsider aspects of your spiritual life (or lack thereof!).”


“Mercury is retrograde in your ‘hopes and dreams zone’, and is also influencing your social life,” said Boland. “Re-evaluate your wishes and goals – and the people you associate with.”


“Mercury is retrograde in your ‘career zone’ and influencing your public image,” said Boland. “Reassess your professional path, correcting course if necessary.”


“In your ‘travel, philosophy, and higher learning zone’, this Mercury retrograde is a period to rethink your beliefs, educational pursuits, or plans related to long-distance travel,” noted Boland. “Also revisit favourite places.”


“Mercury is retrograde in your eight houses of ‘intimacy and shared resources’. Expect second chances to do with sex and money,” said Boland.


“In your seventh house of ‘love and partnerships’, this Mercury retrograde is a key time to reassess your personal and professional relationships,” said Boland. “Old lovers can reappear!”


“Falling in your ‘daily life zone’, this retrograde urges you to reorganise your day-to-day life and habits, aiming for efficiency and increased well-being,” said Boland.


“Mercury is retrograde in your ‘fun zone’, relating to creativity, romance, and children,” added Boland.

“It’s an invitation to rethink your sources of fun, romance, creativity and relationships with kids (your own or someone else’s).”


“Taking place in your ‘home zone’, this Mercury retrograde cycle is a time to reconsider your living situation and all your home and family relationships,” advised Boland.


“Mercury is retrograde in your ‘communications zone’, also influencing short trips,” Boland said. “Reevaluate how well you communicate and process information.”


“Mercury is retrograde in your ‘cash and values zone.’ It’s urging you to review your financial strategies and personal values, to align more closely with your true priorities,” finalised Boland.

If you want to understand the basics of Mercury retrograde, grab Yasmin Boland’s free Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit.

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