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Jeeves and Wooster books have been changed to lose ­“unacceptable” passages by author PG Wodehouse. It is the latest in a long line of literary alterations to some of the world’s best-loved works.

The original wording in the popular comic novels has been purged or rewritten for new ­editions issued by Penguin Random House.

Trigger warnings have also been added to revised editions informing ­readers themes and ­characters might be “outdated”.

One states the writer’s prose has been altered because it was judged to be ­“unacceptable” by Penguin, a ­publishing house that enlists the ­services of sensitivity readers.

The disclaimer printed in the ­opening pages of this year’s reissue of Wodehouse’s 1934 novel Thank You, Jeeves, states: “Please be aware this book was published in the 1930s and contains language, themes and ­characterisations which you may find outdated.

“In the present edition we have sought to edit, minimally, words that we regard as unacceptable to present-day readers.”

Novels by Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie have been purged of words deemed at odds with modern day sensitivities.

James Bond creator Fleming’s spy novels are littered with references which have fallen foul
of sensitivity police.

Although he died in 1964, aged 56, his estate said a decision to rewrite his books was made with “guidance from the author himself”, citing Fleming’s thoughts on revisions.

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