Simple beauty hack to grow strong natural nails

According to a TikTok beauty hack, it is possible to grow all your nails and minimise the risk of an unruly break. While nails can be done beautifully at the salon, they can be a timely and costly expense.

Is there anything more annoying than having achieved a lovely set of naturally long nails for one or two of them to suddenly break?

This means the rest of the nails need to be cut short to create a uniform look, or else you will have have uneven nail lengths across your fingers.

Parabell Beauty posted a video to TikTok claiming that dry nails are the root cause of a breakage. “Are your nails constantly breaking?” Parabell Beauty asked. “Then try this easy nail tip that will stop your nail breakage so that you can grow your nails.”

Parabell Beauty said: “Here is how to stop your nails from breaking today… your nails are breaking because they are dry; the best way to fix this is with cuticle oil.”

She continued: “Using cutile oil daily helps to keep your nails moisturised so they’re less likely to break; trust me, this works.”

Fans of the beauty top tip flocked to the comment section to sing Parabell Beauty’s praises.

Wanda Pilgrim said: “Thank you for the info.” Erden Weiner said she “loves” the beauty tip. Blabz Beauty Bar added: “Yes! Preach it!” Onjai Shea said she “loves it”.

Nail care

Superdrug recommended nail strengthening treatments that are “loaded with calcium and keratin – two ingredients that work to support the nail bed”.

The beauty and wellness store agreed that cuticle oil can help to “protect against damage”. Nutritional supplementation, such as biotin, may also help to support healthy nail growth.

Best way to file your nails

If your aim is to have long healthy nails that are adverse to breakage, then the way you shape your nails will be of paramount importance.

Using a quality nail file, only file dry nails (not wet) from the outside of the nail towards the centre. By filing in one direction only, you are minimising the likelihood of the nail tearing and breaking afterwards.

When it comes to household chores, if you wash up by hand, wearing protective gloves may help you to retain lovely looking healthy nails.

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