Shoppers swear by luxurious sheets that are perfect in any weather and rival M&S

Shoppers are raving over temperature regulating bed sheets that they swear are giving them a better night’s sleep. Panda’s Signature+ Bamboo Lyocell Bedding has built up a loyal following, with those who have tried them insisting that they the sheets feel ‘luxurious’ and adjust to your ‘perfect’ body temperature no matter the weather.

The Bamboo Lyocell bedding, which is being compared to offerings from the likes of Marks and Spencer, has been carefully designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind. Its said to feel so luxurious, it could easily be mistaken for bedding at a five-star hotel.

The sheets are made from bamboo which is a hypoallergenic material, this makes it a great option for anyone with hay fever or eczema. The material can also prevent irritation for those with sensitive skin. Not only that but it has natural antimicrobial properties that fend off bacteria and dust mites.

The firm says that antimicrobial properties mean the sheets can prevent acne breakouts while people who struggle with night sweats will find bamboo’s moisture-wicking properties will keep them dry and comfortable all night. It’s non-absorbent, anti-static and odour-resistant.

The sheets have pulled in an average rating of 4.4 out of five stars across 243 reviews. One shopper said: “This is an excellent product. You get what you pay for and can highly recommend spending the extra on this bedding. A great night’s sleep as we have now brought the quilt.So comfortable and soft.”

A second said: “SO incredibly soft and comfortable. Has helped my son to sleep a lot better. He has severe eczema and struggles at night but this has made a big difference. Thank you.”

A third wrote: “Am at the age now where night sweats are common, and this is the best bedding I’ve found that doesn’t add to the overheating! The bedding is very smooth, and as such the pillowcases do gape open – if these had the same openings in the middle at the back like the French linen bedding the pillows would look a lot neater when the bed is made. However this is a minor gripe compared to the better sleep and extreme comfort from the lovely soft bedding. I would fully recommend this, and it is suitable all year round.”

Some shoppers have said their main gripe is that the sheets can move around at night. It’s possible this is a result of moving around a lot in sleep. One said: “Love the feel of the bedding – it’s cool and very luxurious. As someone who suffers from night sweats, I bought it to help with that. The bedding does dry quicker than traditional cotton sheets but doesn’t aid the prevention of sweating (it’s clearly not a heat thing with me!). At low levels of sweating, it is less likely to wake you up.

“The one negative is that the sheet scrunches up very quickly after a night or two of sleeping (again, it may be worse for me as I clearly don’t stay still in my sleep), and the duvet does have a tendency to slide around in the cover more than what it would in a cotton equivalent. I’m pleased I bought it but I’m not sure it’s worth the significant jump in price.”

It is worth noting that the Panda sheets are on the expensive side with prices starting at £130 for a complete set, although if you’re looking for just pillow cases they come in at a cheaper price point. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, M&S has a number of bamboo sheets for less.

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