Readers sound off on the World Central Kitchen attack, emergency alerts and addressing mental illness

The step-by-step script of Israeli propaganda

East Durham, N.Y.: So, after killing more than 30,000 souls in less than six months, Israel killed seven humanitarian workers. But six of them were white-skinned Westerners from countries that give Israel the backing it needs to continue its killing, so now it’s a problem.

Of course, we have to wait for Israel’s military to investigate itself, although we know it targeted one vehicle, saw a few survivors get into another vehicle and struck that, then tracked the remaining survivors fleeing for their lives in a third vehicle and finished them off over a mile away. Initially, Israel blamed the carnage on a Hamas explosive. That didn’t stick, so they said they thought a terrorist was in there somewhere. But the British security escorts wouldn’t have allowed that, so it must have been a big misunderstanding.

Luckily, a newspaper clipping titled “A quick guide to Israel’s PR methods” has been on the internet for years, so let’s see where we are. It goes like this: 1) We haven’t heard reports of deaths, we’ll look into it. 2) The people were killed, but by a Palestinian rocket/bomb. 3) OK, we killed them, but they were terrorists. 4) OK, they were civilians, but they were being used as human shields. 5) OK, there were no fighters in the area, so it was our mistake. But we kill civilians by accident — they do it on purpose. 6) OK, we kill far more civilians than they do, but look at how terrible other countries are! 7) Why are you still talking about Israel? Are you some kind of antisemite?

Test this against the next interview you hear or watch. Walt Finnigan

Friendly fire

Brooklyn: Israel’s accidental killing of seven food aid workers seems to be getting more attention than Hamas’ deliberate, inhumane torture and killing of 1,200 Israelis. President Biden getting tough with Israel shows his complete lack of any ability to manage global affairs. He seems to have no influence on Iran, Syria, the Houthis, Russia or North Korea. But with Israel, one of our closest allies, he gets tough. What will Biden do next? Invade Canada? Josh Greenberger

Outrageous outrage

Pittsford, N.Y.: The accidental killing of seven aid workers in Gaza is a highly regrettable friendly fire incident. It goes without saying that warzones are dangerous places, and that friendly fire accidents are inevitable in war. Every army in the world has suffered from them. This is not the first such incident and it won’t be the last. What’s unusual is the excessive response by world leaders. President Biden was “outraged” and “heartbroken,” and U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was “appalled.” Why weren’t they outraged, heartbroken and appalled when four UN workers were killed on Saturday, March 30, in Lebanon by a Hezbollah explosive device? Was it because Jews couldn’t be blamed for these deaths? Rosette Liberman


Brooklyn: After what the Jewish people suffered at the hands of the Nazis, Benjamin Netanyahu should not be slaughtering innocent people. This man is a war criminal. All the soldiers doing his dirty work will one day have mental problems for killing innocents. Because of the internet, the world is a smaller place. People in all corners of the world know things they would not have known years ago. It is known worldwide that genocide is being committed in the Gaza Strip. Because of his actions, Netanyahu is making it dangerous for Jews all over the world. Biden also has blood on his hands for continuing to supply weapons to Israel whilst getting no respect from Netanyahu. This one-sided war is going to spread all over the world. It’s only a matter of time. Kalmus Lowe

Economic cleansing

West New York, N.J.: Voicer Phillip A. Farruggio nailed it. We need a man of character and means to do for the Palestinians what Schindler did for the Jews. Get them jobs out of Gaza. The rest will follow. Ken Ludmer

Everybody’s movin’

Armonk, N.Y.: Carole King, 1971: “I feel the earth move under my feet.” April 5, 2024. Gary Miller

Can’t heed that

Woodside: Like most New Yorkers, I was unnerved by the palpable tremors caused by the 4.8-magnitude earthquake that rattled my pre-war co-op apartment. Thank God there were no reports of injuries or damage. However, I’m appalled at the antiquated emergency alert system we have. There was no official communication for quite some time. The emergency alert on smartphones came in after 30 minutes, and the second alert warning of potential aftershocks came in even later. I think we need to prioritize having advance warning systems in place that can improve our emergency preparedness and disaster management. This is a matter of criticality considering the unpredictability of Mother Nature, as demonstrated by the spike in natural calamities that is sadly complementing the accelerating global warming. Atul Karnik

Earlier eclipse

Jamaica: Enough with the earthquake. I want to know if anyone around my age remembers the solar eclipse — I believe it was in the mid-’60s. I was in grammar school then. I think it was on a Saturday, because part of our homework for that Friday was to watch it. I remember the coverage. Somewhere in the Midwest, it got completely dark and the cows thought it was nighttime and were sleeping. Thing is, when I asked a few folks about that eclipse, no one seems to remember. I’m the one who barely did homework, but I remember watching. Anyone else remember? Shirley Watts

Blame higher

Avon-by-the-Sea, N.J.: Please help me understand. Mayor Adams invited Gov. Greg Abbott to spend a night in a homeless shelter so that Abbott can see the mess he created by sending migrants to NYC. What about Clueless Joe, who opened our borders and sent hundreds of thousands across into the U.S.A? Joe created this mess but refuses to assist the cities that are spending millions to aid the migrants. Robert Stiloski

No deal

Middle Village: I was astounded by Voicer Richard Meneely’s naivete. Who does he think would turn in an illegal gun? A gang member? A robber? Someone planning a massacre? Of course not. The only people bringing guns to these events are those who find an old firearm left behind by a deceased family member, or some old war relic. Criminals surely won’t give them up, no sooner than a mechanic would trade in his wrenches. These are tools of their trade, necessary to make money. And it is utterly absurd to believe that anyone who owns a legally registered gun would bring it to one of these events, where he would get less money than he could sell it for. Lee Rottenberg

Rodent revenge

Bronx: Voicer W. Bannon is correct in that we should reciprocate towards Texas, but I don’t think guns are the way. We should send numerous 40-foot shipping containers to major Texas cities filled with NYC rats. Just drop the containers and open the doors. Stephen Markbreit

Apt illustration

Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.: I want to thank Bramhall for his apt April 3 cartoon. I loved how he captured the current state of affairs in the subways and elsewhere, those with mental illness who reside there and wander aimlessly below ground. There is also the heightened anxiety of riders who wonder who will be pushed or stabbed. Decades ago, there was deinstitutionalization of those with mental illness. Was the goal to live with more freedom in less restrictive environments? Now they sleep on the street, in cardboard boxes, or hang out in our subways. They talk to themselves and find relief wherever they can. Many are now incarcerated. The question remains: what is the most humane way to help and treat those with mental illness while protecting millions of our fellow citizens? Steven Goldfinger

Thus foretold

Jamaica: Trump is a false prophet! He can not tell you his favorite book in the Bible or his favorite scripture. As it says in Matthew 24:11, “Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” Wake up, America! Charlene Black

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