Putting this household item in your trash bins will leave it smelling fresh and clean

There’s nothing worse than when your home has a stink you just can’t seem to get rid of. 

There could be several reasons for that, whether it’s coming from your pets or your bathroom. Sometimes that smell could be coming from your trash can, and there are solutions to keep it under control. 

You may put something in the trash, like eggs or vegetables, that will begin to smell after a few days. You could just take it outside, but if the bag isn’t full yet, that’s a waste of the plastic.

Instead, you can use this hack to keep your trash smelling fresh until it’s time to take it out. 

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Apartment Therapy reported you can soak cotton balls in essential oils and drop them in the can. Make sure to put it under the trash bag so it doesn’t get mixed up with the trash. 

There are certain essential oil smells that can offset specific odours in the trash. Some oils also have added benefits as well. 

Lemongrass oil, for instance, naturally balances bad odours.

Tea tree oil and citrus oils can help to eliminate bacteria in your trash. 

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Mint oil can keep away pests like rodents. It’s especially helpful with outdoor trash cans. And neem oil can keep away bugs. 

Drop the cotton ball in the trash when you change the bag. If you start to smell the trash as it fills up, just drop another one in, and it should mask the stench. 

Just be aware that certain essential oils can be harmful to pets. If you have dogs that like to get in your trash bins, it’s best to stay away from using tea tree, peppermint, and citrus, among others. 

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