People are realising they’ve been using eye masks all wrong

People have discovered they have been using eye masks wrong all along.

If you’re battling with puffiness around your eyes, then chances are you’ve reached for a soothing eye mask for relief.

However, if you’re not applying them correctly, you might not see any improvement, says a celebrity skincare guru on Instagram.

The skin maestro, who dishes out tips to Hollywood’s finest and his 245,000 social media followers, has seen everything from disastrous acne to DIY fillers gone wrong.

But now, he’s caused quite the stir by suggesting that many are misapplying their eye masks, reports the Daily Star.

In a video that’s racked up over 1,100 views, Scott reveals: “I’ve just got out the shower and do my skincare routine.”

He continues, perplexed by the sudden influx of queries: “I was just kind of scrolling through Instagram, and I had a lot of messages about how to apply eye masks the correct way. I was looking through Instagram saying, why? Why am I having so many messages about this? And then I found this photo and now I understand why people are asking.”

Determined to set the record straight, he demonstrates using a Soap and Glory mask: “I’m just gonna get into it and show you going with this one from Soap and Glory. This is just a puff I attack mask, so let’s just show you how to apply it the right way.”

Scott meticulously places the tip of the mask into the inner corner of his eye, extending it up to his eyebrow, explaining: “I just like to get it right in there and right into the brow so it just gets the whole of those crow’s feet deep, puffed and smoothed out and hydrated so you can kind of see the difference.

“Then sometimes with the points as well, people have it the point up here, sometimes I’m here to be quite honest, I mask if it gets into the eye. I’m just doing his job That’s all that matters.”

“The other tip is leave it on as long as you can because I just don’t whip them off in five minutes. I keep it on as long as possible.”

Social media users were left baffled by the clip, taking to the comments to reveal they only just realised they had been doing it wrong. One user said: “Oh this is so helpful! ! I’ve been doing it wrong! “

Another commented: “Love your reels Scott, we learn so much,” as a third added: “So glad you shared this.”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “Love a good eye mask.”

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