‘My outburst ruined a work meeting – I feel humiliated’

Jack* was sitting in on a boring work call, thinking that he was on mute, but he wasn’t.

“Someone was messaging me on the side asking if I could meet at certain times,” said Jack. “My very limited free time is on my calendar!”

Out of pure frustration, Jack yelled: “Jesus Christ! Check my f**** calendar!”

The chatter in the meeting immediately stopped and colleagues looked shocked; it was in that moment when Jack realised they all heard him.

Sheepishly, Jack said: “My bad… thought I was muted.” He apologised to the team and affirmed it was very unprofessional of him.

Jack revealed: “The person I was yelling about messaged me on the side and apologised, which made me feel even worse.”

In his defence, he blurted out that he was feeling very stressed with deadlines and blabbered on about how it was his way to release pent-up frustration.

“I don’t think anyone will complain to my boss or anything like that,” he shared, wondering about the possibility of a HR call.

Admittedly, Jack said he felt extremely embarrassed by the whole thing and aired his grievances online.

In response, Wimwood wrote: “We had a guy do this. Another inane, redundant, time-sucking unproductive initiative is announced.

“One guy bellows out, ‘Jesus Christ, people!’ and the meeting goes silent… he stutters, ‘Oh, sorry, I just watched my neighbour in front of my house with his snowblower.’

“We all pretended to accept his explanation. Quick thinking, Sean. Proud of you.”

RunningonGin0323 posted: “I was on a conference call years ago and they were talking about yearly revenue, which if I remember correctly was a rather good year, and someone yelled out, ‘Where’s my raise!’

“For those asking, it was an awkward, ‘I’m sorry. Did someone say something from management?”

Another Reddit user shared how a work call involving around 200 people led to a high-level manager revealing that he wasn’t really working.

On the shared call, with lots of people listening in, the manager is heard saying: “Yeah, I’m on a work call… they don’t know I’m watching p*rn.”

The Reddit user revealed: “It was a very awkward few seconds until some [higher up] manager goes, ‘Uhhh… I know who that is. I’ll talk with them’.”

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