‘My £900-a-month on self-care beauty routine is worth it’


Anna Grace says it is worth it to “feel loved” (Image: SWNS)

A young women spends up to £900-a-month on her self-care beauty and tweakment routine to feel “pretty” and “loved”.

Anna Grace Scott, 23, started getting into skincare and beauty a few years ago to prioritise her self-care.

Now she schedules her life around her “extreme” maintenance routine and spends £300 every month on a facial, nails and blow dry’s.

Every three months she spends £900 on her hair, and tweakments.

But for Anna Grace it is worth it to “feel loved”.

Anna Grace, a model and content creator, from Reigate, Surrey said: “I love spending my money on silly things – skin, wellnesses and beauty.”

“I love having this time to myself.”


Every three months Anna Grace spends £900 on her hair, and tweakments (Image: SWNS)

“I schedule my life around my pamper nights.”

“This makes me feel loved.”

Anna Grace threw herself into her love of beauty after wanting to make more of an effort with self-care.

She said: “I hate going to the gym.”

“It’s not for me.”

“When I started getting into skin care I was a novice.”

At aged 18 she had liquid rhinoplasty – something she had always felt self conscious of.


At aged 18 Anna Grace had liquid rhinoplasty (Image: SWNS)

Now she has it done every year and also has chin filler costing her £300 each time.

Anna Grace said: “It made me feel a lot better.”

“It balanced my face out.”

“I was so happy when I could finally go.”

“I don’t recommend it to everyone. But it you want to change something you should.”

“You’re the main person in your life.”

She keeps on top of her health by having annual check-ups with her doctor.

Anna Grace said: “Wellbeing starts from the inside out.”

Every six months she has a two week detox – making sure she eats clean and doesn’t put any heat on her hair.

She also has a colon cleanse – where large amounts of water are flushed through the colon – once a year costing £70.

She said: “I feel as light as a feather after.”

Anna Grace also loves looking after her hair. She gets a blow dry every couple of weeks for £60.

She has a trim for £170 and dye for £190 every three months.


Anna Grace also loves looking after her hair (Image: SWNS)

She said: “I love having my hair done. It’s my favourite thing.”

“Hair is a really big part of my culture.”

Anna Grace has a facial every month costing her £200.

She does her own nails at home but has a manicure and pedicure every few months – and often gets this for free through her work.

She applies sheet and clay masks most nights and shaves her face so her make-up can go on better.

Anna Grace said: “I have pamper nights four times a week.”


Anna Grace does her own nails at home but has a manicure and pedicure every few months (Image: SWNS)

Strangers have told Anna Grace her routine is “a lot” but she loves doing and spending her money on it.

She said: “I know it is extreme.”

“But I’m so happy to spend the money.”

“I could be spending it on drugs but I’m spending it on my hair.”

“I know it’s a lot of upkeep.”

“If your version of a pamper night is a bath with a £5 Lush bath bomb then do it.”


Anna Grace is a model and content creator (Image: SWNS)

“Or if it’s a £100 facial – do it.”

“I think vanity and self love don’t correlate.”

Anna Grace is also big on affirmations and spends 20 minutes every morning meditating.

She said: “I think it’s important you start showing yourself some self love and self appreciation.”

“I wake up and tell myself I’m enough.”

“I have 20 minutes to myself with no noise. I say ‘I’m so pretty’ and ‘I’m proud of myself’.”


Anna Grace is also big on affirmations and spends 20 minutes every morning meditating (Image: SWNS)

“You are your own worse enemy.”

Anna Grace’s beauty maintenance –

AnnuallyColon cleanse – £70Gynaecologist check up Chin filler – £150Liquid rhinoplasty – £150

Every six months DetoxDentistDermatologist

Every three months Hair dye – £190Hair cut – £170Chemical peel – £100Pedicure – Free

Monthly Facial – £200

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