Man who couldn’t walk a metre without losing breath shows off new body after losing 26st

A man who couldn’t walk a few meters without huffing and puffing lost an impressive 26 stone after realizing his health was on the line, he’s revealed.  

Michael Fehler, 38, weighed 41 st 8lbs when he decided “enough was enough” and embarked on an intense exercise and diet regimen in a bid to turn his life around. 

He underwent a bariatric sleeve surgery – where part of the stomach is removed to reduce its size – before adopting a rigorous exercise routine. 

The procedure helps reduce hunger and lower food intake, which helps achieve help weight loss both in the early phases and long term. 

Michael, a warehouse worker from Velbert, Germany, said: “It was about three-and-a-half years ago that I realized that I needed to lose weight.

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“My lunch included two pizzas and one done kebab and in the evening I am four to six hamburgers from a fast food chain. 

“Now I eat 100g porridge with 40 grams of why and an assortment of berries in the morning,” he added. “As a snack, I eat a protein bar or an apple.”

The first and arguably most important step in any weight loss journey is exercise, argued Michael, adding that the rest tends to fall in place naturally.

“Change your diet and at the start try to focus on counting your calories or just write a protocol of what you are eating in a day,” he noted. 

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