‘I’ve been married for 18 years but only just found out my kids aren’t mine’

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A man has taken to Reddit after discovering he is not the biological father of his children (Image: Getty)

A man has said he is not sure he’ll ever “be the same person again” after discovering he is not the biological father of his teenage children. 

The man took to the internet to rant and help himself process after one of his children bought an ancestry DNA test in order to discover more about the family’s history.

However, the results came back to reveal that his 17-year-old twin son and daughter are not his biological children and that his wife has confessed that she slept with another man before she got pregnant. 

The man posted to the Reddit forum TrueOffMyChest and said he felt “like a zombie” and was staying in a hotel while he decides if he should separate from his wife, Kelly.

He wrote: “I loved her so much. She was a part of me and I couldn’t even imagine a life without her. I trusted her absolutely until this happened.”

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The man has said he has been married for 18 years and is now considering breaking up with his wife (Image: Getty)

The man revealed he met his wife 20 years ago while they were co-workers and have been married for over 18 years. 

He said they were both “very ambitious” and after working for a couple of years they began their own business. 

The man wrote: “We fell in love, and a year after starting out a business, we got married.”

However, a couple of months into the marriage the pair had a “massive fight” over which direction they wanted to take their company in. 

The man said he ended up leaving their home for a couple of weeks, but Kelly came to him and they made up, and have been “inseparable ever since”. 

After that, the man said they both discovered Kelly was pregnant and he never thought more about the fight until now. 

I can't believe we're fighting about this again...

According to the man, Kelly has been “crying and apologizing constantly” since the discovery (Image: Getty)

According to the man, Kelly has been “crying and apologizing constantly” since discovering the results of the ancestry kit. 

He wrote: “She told me that during the time we had that fight at the start of our marriage, she got drunk one night and slept with a random guy and that she has not cheated on me since.”

The man said his “thoughts are a mess” and is not sure if he should separate from his wife. 

He wrote: “Kelly has always been a great wife and an excellent business partner. I don’t know if I’ll be able to look at her the same again or if I’ll be the same person again.”

However, the man has said no matter what happens in his marriage, he will always be a father to his children. 

He said: “I don’t intend to abandon my kids – I might not be their father, but I’m still their dad and I love them dearly.”

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The man said he is willing to try and save his marriage (Image: Getty)

The man’s shocking post has gained thousands of comments on Reddit, and many people asked him for an update on how his life is now and what decision he made. 

The man said he spoke  to both his children, who were “thrilled” to see him and he promised them he would always love them.

He wrote: “They were scared that I might leave them. I told them that they’re still my children even though I’m not their biological father and that I won’t be abandoning them.”

The man said also spoke to his wife, Kelly, for the first time since the discovery and she claims it had never occurred to her that he might not be the father of their children. 

Kelly has said she was “angry” over her husband leaving for a few weeks due to the fight early on in their marriage, and one night “got wasted” at a bar and cheated. 

The man wrote: “The guy was gone before she woke up the next day and she felt extremely guilty after that.”

The man has said he believes Kelly’s story is true and that she never had an affair partner, as she has been his “rock and partner” throughout his life.

He said he is willing to try and give their marriage a second chance, writing: “This ordeal has made a massive dent in my belief in her as a wife, but I still trust her as a partner.”

However, the man’s post resurfaced on social media and he has recently logged back into Reddit after one year to say he is still together with Kelly. 

He wrote: “I won’t say it’s like before because it never will be, but we are in a very good place.”

The man added it was not easy rebuilding their marriage, but his children were his main motivation to keep trying through a “difficult journey”. 

The man had some advice for anyone else who was going through a similar situation, writing: “You are not obligated to try and fix your relationship if you feel that it has been irrevocably damaged. I decided to try because I loved my wife deeply and trusted that she was telling the truth.”

In the comment section, readers wished the man well and hoped he has made the right decision for himself, with one writing: “This is so rare. I hope he doesn’t regret giving it another chance. I wish he gets all the happiness he deserves.”

However, other people have said the man’s story has convinced them to never buy an ancestry kit, as another popular comment said: “I am never taking one of those tests. I just don’t need to know what I don’t already know.”

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