‘I’m a makeup expert – knock 15 years off your face with this simple skin trick’

A beauty expert has revealed a “crazy” yet simple make-up hack that can knock “15 years off” your appearance. Meagan Anderson shared her easy 10-minute anti-ageing routine for women over 40 via social media platform TikTok.

There are a number of products and services out there that are targeted towards combating the signs of ageing on our faces – from moisturisers to Botox.

But Meagan, 48, who is known better on social media as Meagan Online, showed that all you need to shave years off your appearance is your make-up kit and some know-how.

In a video she demonstrated the technique, which relies mainly on the placement of concealer – a type of colour correcting cosmetic.

Speaking to her more than 347,000 followers she said: “This anti-ageing makeup pack is going to blow your damn mind.

“So we’re gonna play with today, like I said, placement of the concealer. We’re bringing light to the face, OK?

“We’re bringing light to mature places because why? Listen, ladies, if you’re over 35, we are working against gravity here.”

During her demonstration she placed dabs of concealer in six places – the marionette lines around the mouth, above and below the lips, under the inner and outer corner of the eye and just above the peak of the eyebrow.

Meagan then blended this all out using a small blender sponge.

Next she applied contour, which is a darker type of make-up, and placed it higher than you might usually.

She said: “Because we’re trying to bring everything up. Up and blend that out.

“If you don’t have to contour your chin, we are not the same.”

Meagan used a few dabs of blush on each side and again placed it high, just above the cheek.

To finish she went over the spots that she applied concealer to with highlighter.

She added: “What I’m doing right now is I’m going back over everywhere that I underpainted with that concealer.

“I’m going back over it with this highlighter. Do you see this glow?

“15 years off my face. Not 10, 15.”

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