‘I’m a hairdresser – this haircut will make you look 10 years younger’

Retaining a youthful appearance is a popular goal for many people in terms of their looks. Therefore, it is no surprise that the anti-ageing industry is worth billions of pounds worldwide.

Products such as anti-wrinkle creams and hair dye are used to prevent or reduce unwanted signs of ageing. Invasive cosmetic treatments are also becoming more and more common in the pursuit of delaying ageing.

However, one expert revealed there is another way to roll back the clock just by changing up your hairstyle.

According to hairdresser Paul Watts there is a specific type of haircut that can help women look years younger.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Paul introduced people to a cut he called the “Botox bob”.

To help demonstrate the ‘do to his 163,000 subscribers he used a mannequin with long hair which he then cut on video.

“The Botox bob, the bob that makes you look younger,” he said.

“One of the biggest things when your hair gets older it gets thinner but if we can encourage hair to look thicker, fuller, encourage the layers that is exactly what we want.”

He explained what makes the cut so flattering on so many people.

Paul continued: “It’s just going to be a beautiful haircut that anybody can wear because it hugs the head the way this is cut and suits everybody and makes people look younger.

This haircut will be shaped to the individual’s head, he said.

It can be created in three sections and is “a really simple and broken down haircut”.

Therefore, to prepare Paul formed a low ponytail using the lower layer of hair and then two space buns on either side of the head with a dead straight parting down the middle.

To cut, he started by taking out one of the buns and sectioning it off with his hands to trim the layers shorter at the front and working his way back.

He then did this with the other side before brushing out these two sections.

Then he took out the bottom ponytail and blow dried and styled the whole head of hair.

To finish he cut the hair from the ponytail to match the longer length of the top.

If needed you can then “soften” and “refine” the layers.

Paul added: “You can see how it just hugs all of that head keeping all of that weight.

“That’s one of the biggest things as well when it comes to women getting older – hair starts to thin and we want to be keeping a lot of that density so being able to encourage the hair to look thicker and fuller just by changing the the shape of it.”

His subscribers were impressed with the results. One commented: “I absolutely love it” This will be my next cut. Thanks so much for sharing your skills/knowledge as always.”

Another said: “It’s a great cut and I think thicker hair is visually equated with a youthful look.”

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