Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for July 6


Do your best to avoid mishaps that could result in financial loss or damage to property. When asked to look after someone else’s belongings, be extra vigilant to prevent anything from getting lost or broken. Don’t underestimate the advice of an elderly family member. They have valuable insights to share.


A recent argument will persist into the morning but you can anticipate this disagreement to be resolved by late afternoon. Your connections with influential people will prove beneficial for a community initiative. The kindness and thoughtfulness you display towards your loved ones tonight will be valued and acknowledged.


A financial problem is causing a great deal of stress and this seems to persist all day long. Finding a solution to your debts might be difficult. Both borrowing and lending money can put a strain on various relationships. You need to start handling finances sensibly before they become overwhelming.


Romantic developments will make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine. Are you single? Accept a fun social invitation if you’re hoping to find love. If you’re already in a relationship, you can firm-up plans you’re making together. Address any lingering doubts about a work matter in the late afternoon.


Now is a good time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner or best friend. Delve into the details of your common interests and emotions. In fact, it’s far better to talk than to keep thoughts to yourself. The key to successful relationships lies in you being able to recognise and address any issues that may arise.


If you’re looking to resolve a difficult issue, open up to someone who may have disagreed with you in the past. Whether you’re dealing with work stress, health concerns, or just looking to change your daily habits, discussing it with others can bring relief. A joint project will provide a great opportunity to nurture your creative side.


Your sensitivity and compassion will be greatly appreciated by others. Your innate ability to anticipate and understand how people are feeling will prove valuable. Although it may occasionally make communications more intense than intended, this quality adds an extra depth to your interactions.


You’re up against some tough competition in both romance and business. In order to outperform your rivals, remain calm, composed and focused. Avoid getting defensive as this may undermine your position. Your charisma and charm will captivate others and win them over.


You may have slightly deviated from a personal goal, but the decisions you make now will help you get back on track. Today, you will regain your confidence and find your true self once more. A recent initiative has opened up an unexpected opportunity for you. Trust your intuition when confronted with a difficult decision. What you decide on will be right for you.


You may have willingly, in the past, agreed to let your partner or steady date take the lead. Now you are starting to realise how this is causing issues on the professional front and with the way your colleagues see you. Discuss your feelings. Your honesty will make a strong impact on others.


It’s often wise to avoid arguments in relationships, but today is an exception. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings openly. Sharing your thoughts will strengthen the bond between you and your partner or a close friend. At least for now, honesty is the key towards gaining greater understanding of others.


You’re hoping to build a strong foundation with the person you love. Your willingness to help them in a big way will demonstrate how much you really care. Today might be your lucky day when it comes to your marriage goals. Your optimistic attitude will bring positivity to all your relationships.

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