Expert shares 3 ‘easy’ styles to make hair look fuller

One of the first hairstyles Mirna recommended is the “half-up-half-down” up-do that requires a little bit of “teasing” (i.e. backcombing).

How to tease hair

Hold a section of hair and place a comb above the root, moving it up and down repeatedly in short uniform strokes.

Teasing the crown (the top half of the hair), Mirna proceeds to tease just below the crown so that the fine hair has some staying power.

Spritz a little bit of hairspray onto the teased hair and then take two bobby pins to secure the underneath teased hair while the crown is handily tied up, out of the way.

Now it’s time to unclip the section of hair at the crown, separate into two parts, twist the hair and neatly secure with a bobby pin.

“If you want a little more volume,” Mirna began, she demonstrated how you can gently lift the crown of the section outwards to add height.

The second hairstyle Mirna recommended is a “quick and elegant up-do” that can be added onto the first hairstyle.

With the hair already in a beautifully neat undo, spritz a little bit of hairspray at the ends and heat up a curling iron.

“Here, we just do some random curls; it doesn’t matter [which] direction that you’re [doing],” said Mirna.

“I’m using a one-and-a-half inch curling iron, which is the best curling iron… it will give you a nice little wave… we’re curling the hair for texture.”

Mirna instructed people to “spray a little more” hairspray once the textured waves have been created.

“We’re going to take a teasing brush,” Mirna added, teasing the textured wave section of the hair, to go on to show her third look.

“Then you guys are going to take a couple of bobby pins, and you’re going to continue to wrap the hair… and take the bobby pin and just lay it [in].”

Mirna explained: “The reason why you tease the hair is so it can look fuller.”

Then she suggested twisting the ends, using two rubber bands to secure the ends at different parts, and then to wrap the twisted hair up to the head to be secured with another bobby pin.

Here, Mirna has showed three hairstyles that can flow from one to the other, so you can spend as little or as much time as you like recreating the look.

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