DIY mosquito repellant is ‘super cheap’ and banishes mosquitoes for ‘rest of the summer’

Mosquitoes can become insufferable during the hot months, so it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones from them so your body is not filled with itchy bites.

On social media, Damyra Lynch, who is a mom of two, has shared her way of banishing mosquitoes with her 93K followers.

In a video that has now gone viral, she detailed her method. 

She said: “DIY mosquito repellant that you can do at your home is super cheap and will leave you with no mosquitoes for the rest of the summer.

“All you need to do is grate some Irish Spring soap just like I did and place it on the ground outside.

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Sharing the experience with attempting the hack, another person said: “Texas mosquitoes are built differently, they landing directly on the soap as I was trying to spread it lol.”

Another person chimed in: “It works to keep spiders away too!!!!”

With another tip, someone said: “[Saw] another video where you can take 50 percent mouthwash and 50 percent water put in the spray bottle and spray that around the yard and it’ll keep them away.”

“Try it with mothballs and peppermint oil, place it all in your grass and your doors,” someone else suggested.

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