Deep clean sweaty mattress effortlessly using supermarket purchase

Over time your mattress that was once white and pristine doesn’t hold the same cleanliness. This is often due to body liquids like sweat or urine.

Facing this problem, a frustrated woman took to social media and advice platform Reddit to figure out how she could deep clean and get the stains out of her mattress.

She wrote: “My boyfriend is just naturally very sweaty… which I guess means the sheets are always fresh because they get laundered twice a week.

“Anyways, he’s sick and his fever sweats have been gnarly. I’m talking the entire comforter was soaking wet to the point that when I was trying to lay on top of it last night, I got soaked.”

She expressed that her mattress was ruined. “I plan on getting a replaceable topper,” she said. Yet, she wanted the mattress to actually feel clean.

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“Worked well enough for me, got several loads of dirty water out from the mattress surface (gross yet very satisfying lol).

“Granted, I did leave my windows open and sleep in a different room for a few days so the summer heat could help dry the mattress properly.”

They added that they also used the Bissel brand cleaning solution, which is purchased separately.

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