Coffee kept fresh for much longer using this simple free storage method

People took to comment on the thread to share their advice with one person writing: “I freeze them, and then thaw and use them one bag at a time.”

Another said: “Keep unused coffee in their sealed packaging and open coffee should go in Airscape containers or something similar. In either case, you want to protect the coffee from air in order to keep it fresh.”

A third commented: “Freeze mine. I buy a bunch of coffee at once then put them in my deep freezer.

“Once I open a bag, I pour out a 1/3 (~103g) of the bag into an amber mason jar. The bag goes back into the freezer (I squeeze out as much air) until I need to refill the jar.

“The amber mason jar keeps the coffee fresh by minimizing exposure to air and light. Additionally, since I only keep a small amount in the jar at any time, we get through it quickly before it gets stale.

“The other upside to this depends on how strong we make our cups (11-14g for AeroExpres, 18-22g for a V60 pour-over), we can switch between coffees in a few days to a week without worrying about the bag going stale.”

Another added: “If I have three 12oz bags that I squeeze the air out of, reseal and wrap up, how bad is that compared with freezing?”

A fifth suggested: “I’m usually drinking 4-5 coffees at a time.

“After I open a bag, I reseal it and wrap it tight with a rubber band. For storing I keep the coffee in a dark, cool pantry (I am fortunate to be in a mild climate).

“I have the storage container from Fellow but I personally didn’t see any advantage over keeping the coffee in the original bag as described above.”

Do you have any storage tips for coffee?

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