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Amazon is giving shoppers the chance to bag three months of audiobooks for just 99p and the options are seemingly endless. Audible is the shopping giant’s audiobook service and would usually set you back £7.99 a month for one credit which you can cash in for any book on the site – which includes bundles where you can get entire series with one credit.

For a limited time they’re letting listeners enjoy new books for even less. In the Amazon Spring Deal they’ve dropped the price down to 99p for the first month and then months 2 and 3 for free, offering shoppers a saving of £23.

This is the standard Audible deal and gives new subscribers one credit they they can use to purchase any book across the site, although there are other options including two credits a month or an annual subscription that gives you the year’s credits in one go – this works best if you have a few releases you’re excited about during one month

If you don’t like the book you’ve picked out with your credit, you can return it and start over with your credit, no questions asked. Since it’s an online subscription, you can listen to a book the day it comes out with it landing right in your Audible library.

The subscription also comes with access to The Plus Catalogue. This contains thousands of hours of free audiobooks that you can listen to in addition to the book you’ve bought with your credit so you can have nonstop reads for three months for just 99p. While not every single book on the app is a part of the catalogue there are thousands to choose from including offerings from huge industry names such as Tessa Bailey, Penelope Douglas and Pierce Brown.

If you’ve been meaning to get around to reading that classic novel but haven’t found the time then Audible’s collection of classics brought to life by famous actors may be the push you need. Perhaps it’s a little bit easier to tackle Jane Austen when it’s Rosamund Pike making you fall for Mr Darcy. Autobiographical books are better than ever since they’re often read by the writer themselves. If you’ve ever worried just what Prince Harry was trying to say in Spare then you can hear it from the Royal himself.

Our very own book lover Jada Jones swears by Audible, she said: “I love reading, in pretty much any format, but audiobooks are something I’m particularly fond of. When I’m in the shower, doing household chores or trying to sleep I still like to be absorbing a story in some capacity and Audible has made that possible.

“I find I go for audiobooks way more often with history and fantasy books and I quite love this because I have no issues with the name pronunciations that people trip up on. They can be quite daunting when they’re 700+ pages but it feels more manageable when it’s just something I have on while I’m cooking or unwinding.

“I’ve been an Audible subscriber on and off for years and more recently upgraded to two credits a month. I probably listen to more than that each month as I love taking advantage of the Plus Catalogue and I’ve often popped on Sleep Sounds when I’m struggling to drift off. With the Sleep Timer it’s so convenient.”

If you’re not sure if audiobooks are for you then now is a great time as you can get three whole months of the subscription for just £0.99. You’ll be charged for the first month and then the second and third month will have no charge, it will then renew at £7.99 per month for the standard one credit a month subscription.

There are other audiobook services, such as Kobo which offers a read and listen package for £11.99 per month or Spotify which has rolled out audiobooks on their subscription although they only offer a set amount of hours per month which means sometimes you’ll be left waiting on a cliff hanger. You can sign up to Audible here for just £0.99 for your first three months.

The offer is up for grabs for the next month with it officially ending on May 1.

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