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Following a decade starring as Tony Stark in MCU movies, Robert Downey Jr bowed out as Iron Man with a sacrificial death during the final battle of Avengers Endgame.

Ever since then fans have been wondering if he’ll make a big screen comeback, especially given that the Marvel movies have embraced time travel and the multiverse.

MCU boss Kevin Feige has said they wouldn’t undo Iron Man’s death, but that doesn’t mean Robert Downey Jr couldn’t return as a variant from another reality.

Just look at the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie: Hugh Jackman is back but it won’t be undoing his character’s demise in Logan.

It’s certainly possible and even rumoured that Tony Stark will be back in the MCU before this decade is out.

Asked if he’s like to return as Iron Man, Downey Jr told Esquire in a new interview: “Happily. It’s too integral a part of my DNA. That role chose me. And look, I always say, Never, ever bet against Kevin Feige. It is a losing bet. He’s the house. He will always win.”

Alleged leaks claim that the Oscar-winning star is set to play a variant of Tony Stark in the multiverse crossover epic Avengers: Secret Wars.

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