Air fryers are quick and easy to get sparkling clean with ‘no brainer’ methods

Air Fryers remain popular in the kitchen. While they are a quick way to cook your food let alone fry, bake, roast and dehydrate food – they can be a pain to clean.

However, one user on Reddit has asked for cleaning tips on how to get them sparkling clean.

In a thread titled: ‘What are some Air fryer cleaning hacks?,’ one user started the post with “Hi I was wondering if anybody knows any cleaning hacks because I have been told that cleaning air fryers can be notoriously difficult.”

People took to comment on the thread offering their advice, with one person writing: “The tray and insert, clean with soap and water after every use. No brainer.

“For the inside, every couple of months (depending on use) let it cool down 100%, unplug, flip the unit over and wipe the heating element and what you can get to with a sponge. Then, use the unit to steam clean itself for the rest you can’t reach.

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“I fill the tray with about 2-3 inches of water, add liquid soap, and a lemon. Run for 10-15 mins checking in and do this process 3 or 4 times. If the water is brown when you check in, replace it with clean [water], more soap and keep going.

“Never perfectly clean inside, but this def helps and helps from the exhaust smelling of all the foods of frying a past.”

Another commented: “I have an IP Vortex 5.7L and cleaning involves – letting the basket cool; pulling out the shelf; wiping it down with a soft cloth and some mild soap; rinse; wiping out the basket with same soft soapy cloth; rinse; set aside to dry.”

A third said: “Search ‘disposable air fryer paper’ on Amazon. They have circles and squares, such easy clean up.”

One user suggested: “Take the little rack part out of the basket. Put it in soapy sink water. Rub washcloth over it for about 5 seconds. Rinse off and put it in the dish drainer thingy. Dip the end of the basket into the sink water and wash the basket part for about 5 seconds.

“Dump out the water and crumbs into the sink. Rinse out and put it into the dish drainer thingy. Remember to double-check that you unplugged the machine.”

And finally, another suggested: “Put a little dish soap in the basket, if you have a removable tray with the grate holes leave it in. Add hot water as far as you can see dirt or oil on the sides. Let it sit this way 10-20 minutes.

“Take a microfiber cloth or very soft sponge, gently clear sides and bottom with the water still in it. Remover tray, wipe with cloth or soft sponge. Rinse completely with cold water and you should be good to go.

“CAUTION NOTE: Never clean with the hard side with a cleaning sponge, Never clean with a brush, both of these will in time begin to wear off the non-slip surface.”

Will you be giving any of these cleaning tips a try?

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